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    From large institutions to individual investors, Franklin Templeton has helped clients achieve their financial goals for more than 70 years. Everything Franklin Templeton does is focused on delivering clients better outcomes. And that’s why millions of clients in more than 160 countries have entrusted Franklin Templeton with their investments, making them one of the world’s largest asset managers with $1.5 trillion (USD) in assets under management.1

    1All data as of 03/31/2021.

    Man on tablet a map intricate building interior
    China's Digital Currency is a Threat to Dollar Dominance State and Local Governments get a Shot of Stimulus

    Quick Thoughts: Why our Managers Disagree on Inflation

    Why digitalisation of the renminbi will have a durable, transformative impact on the international economy.

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    Stimulus totaling $1.9 trillion is making its way through the US economy, with relief funds for individual state and local governments.

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    Chief Market Strategist Stephen Dover believes when thinking about fixed income investing, it is important to think beyond rising interest rates and focus on ways to obtain total return.

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