Our Mission

    To become a leading destination for financial advisors, offering the best tools and resources to help advisors elevate their roles and enhance their service levels to clients, creating a network effect that can improve the financial wellness of millions of Americans. 

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Envestnet Institute?
    Envestnet Institute is a centralized destination that offers actionable education and learning tools for advisors to help them elevate their practice and become more essential for their clients.
    Who is Envestnet Institute for?
    Envestnet Institute connects financial advisors with ideas and resources to build relevance and value. Broker-Dealers, Independent Registered Investment Advisors, and other industry professionals will find the insights and education on Envestnet Institute timely and relevant to build a better practice.
    What kind of content is on Envestnet Institute?
    All content is for educational purposes and does not include information on specific products or funds. The publishers are Envestnet, Envestnet | PMC, Envestat, and a growing roster of leading asset manager partners.
    How is the user experience personalized?
    Envestnet Institute leverages technology that compiles fresh content from multiple sources. Users can choose what is most relevant to them by filtering the library, following specific categories, and saving favorite content. Users can also set email preferences to receive updates from their followed content categories.
    Is Envestnet Institute compliance friendly?
    All content on Envestnet Institute is approved for financial advisor use by the publisher’s respective compliance departments. Content not approved for the end investor is behind a login and may not be shared to public facing sites. Content approved for end-client use by the publisher is clearly marked and may be shared. All content regarding new concepts or investment ideas is regulated by FINRA.