On Campus

"Nearly half of surveyed financial services executives say that competition for global talent continues to be their most pressing concern."

Deloitte “Talent Edge 2020: Blueprints for the New Normal” survey

Envestnet Institute On Campus finds college and university students with a curiosity for asset and wealth management and….

Teaches Them

  • Provides foundational training on  asset and wealth management through a self-paced eLearning environment.
  • Teaches industry terms and acronyms
  • Shows different career path opportunities within the industry

Prepares Them

  • Fine tunes the thought process towards graduation
  • Provides access to industry leaders through webcasts, videos, LinkedIn groups, and personal mentoring
  • Keeps students up to date with industry advancements through additional materials including a complementary subscription to FundFire
  • Helps students build a personal network
  • Helps students find an internship

Makes Them Easy for Employers to Find

  • Offers students the opportunity to participate in our Resume and Internship Hub, powered by DAKDirect
  • Vets students to provide industry with the best candidates
  • Act as a concierge between hiring managers and candidates

To provide the industry with employees prepared to add value on day one of employment.