About Envestnet | PMC

    Whether you're an independent advisor, a broker-dealer or an institutional investor, Envestnet | PMC provides you with all the experience and solutions you need — from comprehensive manager research to portfolio consulting and portfolio management — to help you improve client outcomes.

    Together, Envestnet and PMC deliver the most flexible and comprehensive investment platform, and serve as a leading, highly objective financial advisory partner for advisors, broker-dealers and institutions.

    Our value and objectivity are rooted in three truths:

    First, PMC performs the research and due diligence that drives the selection of asset managers on the Envestnet platform. This gives PMC tremendous visibility and insight into the broadest possible range of asset managers and investment types.

    Second, we can leverage the same advanced research approach we use to select Envestnet’s asset managers to consult with advisors and institutions on selecting the models, strategies and portfolios for their most sophisticated or challenging portfolios.

    Third, while PMC develops and offers its own investment models and portfolios, we do so along with those from hundreds of leading asset managers across all investment types. As a consultant, PMC leverages its research and the Envestnet platform to access and consider the widest range of models and strategies available anywhere.

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