About Swan Global Investments

    Investing Redefined® - Since 1997, our distinct investment approach has been redefining investing by directly addressing the biggest threat long-term investors face: market risk. Market risk is too big a threat to investors to be dealt with passively. So we hedge it. Our simple, yet innovative investment philosophy is the foundation of our Defined Risk Strategy, a proven, goals-based multi-asset hedged equity approach, with a track record of generating consistent rolling returns while defining, or limiting, downside risk to improve long-term investment outcomes and protect irreplaceable capital through full market cycles (bull and bear). Our Defined Risk Strategy is available across a range of asset classes and investment structures, including mutual funds, separately managed accounts, structured outcome strategies, multi-asset models, custom portfolio overlays, and more.  

    The time is now for advisors to reconsider how best to allocate client assets to achieve necessary real, after-tax returns while mitigating risk and acting in their clients’ best interests. Our global hedged equity solutions offer investors the benefits of global diversification via low-cost, passive equity exposure combined with the added benefits an actively managed hedge to smooth the investor experience through market cycles.

    Founded in 1997, Swan Global Investments is a leader in hedged equity and options-based strategies, headquartered in Durango, Colorado, with offices in Puerto Rico and Tampa, Florida.

    Extensive thought leadership on a range of topics including portfolio construction and optimization, custom hedging and options overlay strategies, investor behavior, impacts of policy on portfolios, as well as, more about our company and distinct goals-based investment approach can be found on our website.

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