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    About Brinker Capital

    Brinker Capital is a privately held investment management firm with $20.9 billion in assets under management (as of September 30, 2017) located in Berwyn, PA. Since 1987, we have empowered financial advisors to help their clients reach their wealth goals and achieve better investment outcomes. We offer a range of multi-asset class solutions built on our long standing multi-asset class investment philosophy and wealth management experience.

    We believe that meaningful diversification, over time, can help deliver consistent, risk-adjusted returns. Through our time-tested investment process, we focus on asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction to deliver better outcomes. Our process is continually evolving, enabling our team of investment professionals to embrace new ideas around strategies and asset classes and refine our multi-asset class construct.

    Utilizing a dynamic approach to investment management, we integrate active and passively managed strategies with our active portfolio oversight. Short-term shifts within established long-term asset allocation range allows for opportunistic flexibility while delivering on a portfolio’s objectives. From wealth accumulation to risk-based and income-oriented strategies, we offer a range of solutions to help financial advisors meet the changing needs of investors.

    We are committed to being a wealth management partner for financial advisors and their clients.

    Brinker Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor.

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