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    Webinar by Envestnet (1 hr)

    Managing Retirement Income - in 2021 and Beyond

    How are your clients generating and managing their income in retirement? Hear from Nuveen and Envestnet as they dive into the potential obstacles clients will face when trying to generate enough income to maintain their lifestyle without exposing their assets to too much risk. We will also discuss the role that financial professionals can play beyond portfolio construction and planning, in helping their clients manage their spending habits in retirement. 

    Areas of Focus: 

    • The current investment environment 
    • Spending habits 
    • Defining retirement income success
    • Obstacles clients face when trying to generate retirement income
    • Balancing risk as it relates to income
    • The difference of retiring at the beginning of a bear vs. bull market

    Nuveen and Envestnet will provide their insights and help answer your questions.